BIM design – Building Information Modelling

In order to meet customer requests and legal obligations regarding public procurement (Ministerial Decree MIT no 560 dated 1.12.2017 which requires the use of Building Information Modelling from 2025 for all new works), the PSC Group has already developed the capability to design, implement and manage plant engineering projects in BIM.

BIM design guarantees optimization of the processes and, through the use of specific software, integration between all plant systems and with the building system as a whole.

The growing market drive in the direction of 3D modelling, first abroad and then in Italy, has led the PSC Group to invest in training staff to manage BIM models which make it possible to reproduce a dynamic and virtual model before the work is completed, to which it is possible to add information concerning:

  • geometries of the elements and materials
  • energy performance
  • safety and maintenance
  • costs and other factors related to the life cycle of the work

Dynamic design

The models which the PSC Group designs are dynamic: to each variation of the work’s fundamental parameters corresponds a variation of all the 2D drawings and representations extracted from the model.

BIM modelling, even more than 2D representations, make it possible to carefully assess the implementation of the design choices made in the model, enabling a visualization as if it were implemented.

Thus, we are able to minimize errors, reworks and the schedule related to the exchange of information between all the project stakeholders.

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