Municipality of Rome – Museums

Municipality of Rome – Museums

Municipality of Rome – Museums

  • Principal: Municipality of Rome, Infrastructure Development and Urban Maintenance Department
  • End customer: Municipality of Rome
  • Place: Rome - Museums, Villas and historical Parks, and archaeological and monumental areas belonging to the Municipality of Rome and monitoring room of Palazzo Braschi.
  • Works carried out: Anti-intrusion, fire detection and CCTV systems

The PSC Group has signed a Framework Agreement concerning the maintenance and operation of the special anti-intrusion, fire detection and CCTV alarm systems, in all the museums, villas, historical parks and archaeological and monumental areas of the Municipality of Rome and of the Centralized Control and Management Centre located in Palazzo Braschi.

The assignment received provides that the PSC Group deals with:

  • ordinary scheduled maintenance for checking each individual system
  • 24 hour emergency intervention and recovery service (including holidays) for non-scheduled interventions on all systems being serviced due to problems encountered on the systems, equipment, electronic, mechanical, software or firmware components
  • renewal and modification works of each individual system managed and/or of its parts, whenever the immediate need should arise following new additional work requirements, new requirements expressed by the Managers of the protected sites, or in order to employ more advanced techniques and/or to adapt to regulations
  • anti-vandalism monitoring of Museum Sites and UNESCO Sites
  • 24/7 technical assistance (including holidays) at the Control room of the monitoring center of Palazzo Braschi, alongside the staff of the Cultural Heritage Department.

Main sites under maintenance

Among the 103 sites managed (some of which are UNESCO Sites), there are:

  • The Capitoline Museums
  • Piazza Navona
  • Piazza di Spagna and Spanish Steps of Trinità dei Monti
  • San Pietro – neighboring areas
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Pantheon – Piazza della Rotonda
  • The Imperial Fora
  • Trajan’s Markets and the Fora of Augustus and Nerva
  • Colosseum and Arch of Constantine
  • The Stadium of Domitian
  • Ara Pacis
  • Castel S. Angelo and the Gardens
  • The Theatre of Marcellus
  • Largo Argentina and Torre del Papito
  • Museum of Roman Civilization
  • Museo delle Mura
  • Montemartini Museum
  • Modern art gallery
  • Pincio
  • Gianicolo
  • Villa Celimontana
  • Villa Torlonia (Stables)
  • Villa Farinacci
  • Villa Aldobrandini
  • Villa Carpegna


Type of work and methods

Ordinary scheduled maintenance involves the use of multiple intervention teams consisting of specialized technicians, with scheduled visits to check each individual system and at night on plants equipped with CCTV to check efficiency under conditions of artificial light and low brightness.

Extraordinary maintenance for works of modification, renewal and adaptation of each individual system to current regulations.

The H24 emergency intervention includes holidays for non-programmable interventions and envisages a team of 2 specialized technicians (operating within 2 hours from the call by Project Management).

The 24/7 technical assistance, including holidays, at the Palazzo Braschi monitoring Centre provides for the supervision of specialized technicians who, in the event of anomalies, carry out the initial checks of a technical nature and, where possible, rapidly solve the anomaly remotely from the Monitoring Centre. In the event of anomalies which cannot be managed directly from the Monitoring Centre, the supervising technician notifies the Project Management office to activate an on-the-spot intervention by the teams in ordinary service or on call.

Order numbers

  • 103 sites managed
  • 75 CCTV systems with over 2,300 cameras
  • 101 anti-intrusion systems using more than 5,300 sensors
  • 44 smoke detection systems with over 4,900 sensors.