Fire-prevention system

The firefighting BU is the PSC organizational unit responsible for the acquisition and management of orders for implementing firefighting systems (detection and shutdown) intended for civil works (hotels, hospitals, commercial, residential and executive buildings, sports facilities), industrial ones (production plants, energy plants, turbines, server rooms) and infrastructural ones (motorway, subway and railway tunnels) and for means of transport (ships and railway carriages).

The BU has an organizational structure capable of managing every phase of an order: from design to development and maintenance.

The Firefighting organizational unit acquires and manages orders to build firefighting systems (detection and shutdown) for civil, industrial and infrastructure works and ships and railway carriages.

Civil works

Hotels, hospitals, commercial, residential and executive buildings, sports facilities

Means of transport

Ships and railway carriages

The Business Unit manages every phase of an order: from design, to development, to maintenance. Engineering and fire safety engineering activities in accordance with international standards.

Industrial installations

Production plants, energy plants, turbines, server rooms

Infrastructure works

Motorway, underground and railway tunnels


  • High pressure water mist, high pressure water extinguishing system operating with both pumps and cylinders

  • Gas shutdown

    • Inert Gases (IG-01, IG-55, IG-100, IG-541)

    • Clean Agents (HFC-227, NOVEC 1230)

    • CO2 and non-CO2

  • Powder

  • Foam

  • Flood water and sprinklers

  • Fire & gas

  • Fire alarm and detection

    • Flame, smoke and heat detection systems managed by electronic control units in compliance with railway and SIL2 standards

  • Firefighting system on packages (skid, cabinet, container)

  • On-board train firefighting system

    • Water mist detection and shutdown systems, but also Novec and aerosol systems, IDRAC interface with train systems

  • Firefighting equipment and safety devices.

Other projects