Auditing company

The company in charge of accounting control, also by exchanging information with the board of statutory auditors, is the entity in charge of:

• verifying during the financial year, at least on a quarterly basis, the regular keeping of the company accounts and the correct
recording of the management events in the accounting records;
• verifying whether the financial statements and, where drafted, the consolidated financial statements, correspond with the results of the accounting records and of the
checks carried out, and whether they comply with the rules which govern them;
• expressing an opinion on the financial statements and on the consolidated financial statements, where drafted, with a specific report.

The auditing company is appointed by the shareholders’ meeting which also determines its fee for the entire duration of the assignment and expires on the date of the shareholders’ meeting called to approve the financial statements for the third year of office; it can be re-elected.

The currently appointed auditing company is: