The telecommunications BU is the organizational unit of PSC in charge of the acquisition and management of orders for implementing projects in the communication sector (ICT) intended for large civil, industrial and infrastructural construction works carried out by General Contractors and Public/Private Principals.

The BU has an organizational structure capable of managing every phase of an order: from design to development and maintenance.

Fiber To The Home (FTTH)

  • A network infrastructure (cables, optical fibers, network devices) that allows  the creation of  Next Generation Networks (NGN-NGAN) characterized by significantly higher transmission speeds

Network architectures and  infrastructures

  • Construction of the infrastructure and installation of the ultra-broadband fiber optic network in white areas (C&D Cluster) and in metropolitan areas  (A&B Cluster).
  • Realization of the Network Architecture, from the installation of the PCN up to the individual property units by means of aerial or underground lines
  • Infrastructure of  fiber optic and Ultra-broadband network for the transmission of digital data at high and very high speed: at least 100 Mbps (ultra-fast broadband) – at least 30 Mbps (fast broadband)
  • Installation of FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) sites, intended as a set of transmission systems developed to exploit specific radio spectrum frequencies in order to provide broadband Internet connectivity services with nominal connection speeds of 1 Gbps
  • Data Center equipped with server, storage space, network equipment, cabling and cabinets, air conditioning systems. It represents the heart of a company’s network infrastructure and includes all the primary services used by users
  • Housing, by making available physical spaces within our Data Centre to host customers’ devices (servers)
  • High-reliability server room with controlled environmental parameters (temperature, humidity, access control, etc.). Its high reliability consists in the redundancy of the hardware (each device has its own duplicate ready to automatically start operating should the original fail)
  • Network infrastructures (cables, optical fibers, network devices) which allow data connection between two or more points

Wi-Fi systems

  • Infrastructure Wi-Fi systems  for logistic applications (e.g. optical barcode readers) for wireless data transmission, used for logistic-type applications
  • Wi-Fi systems for connecting to Internet via the Wi-Fi of guests/visitors external to  a company in order not to interfere with that used by employees
  • Infrastructure Wi-Fi systems for logistic applications (e.g. optical barcode readers) for wireless data transmission, used for logistic-type applications

Advanced telephony

  • Telephone servers for PC management of a digital telephone switchboard (hotel reception and  rooms, offices  in different buildings and/or geographical areas)
  • Contact Center  integrating advanced functions  with the normal functions of a switchboard: physical counter, mail, fax, e-mail, web, messaging on mobile phones
  • Secure connections via radio and/or Internet  between facilities for data and voice interconnection (communication protected by cryptography)
  • Video collaboration systems (on premise and on cloud) to  set up video conferences thanks to  a server  installed at the customer’s premises, or “On Cloud”, if the server is installed at an external provider’s premises
  • Advanced telephone servers interconnecting offices located in different buildings and/or geographical areas
  • Mobile cellular telephony

Maintenance and technical assistance

  • All types of intervention on data transmission equipment (switches, routers, etc.) and on physical transmission means (optical fiber, copper cables) such as, for example, repair, replacement of the faulty element, etc.
  • Remote technical assistance by professional operators
  • On-site monitoring station at Data Centers with highly qualified and certified technicians in order to manage, administer and resolve any data center network outage

Other projects