Design and installation of a fire prevention system on Minuetto trains

Design and installation of a fire prevention system on Minuetto trains

Design and installation of a fire prevention system on Minuetto trains

  • Year of execution: 2018 - in progress
  • Principal: Trenitalia S.P.A.
  • End customer: TRENITALIA S.P.A. (Regional Passenger Division)
  • Contract value: ‚ā¨ 20,167,453.72
  • Place of performance of the work: IMC Trenitalia of Bolzano, Sulmona, Reggio Calabria, Benevento, Naples Campi Flegrei, Ancona, Turin Sorting, Novara, Taranto, Cagliari, Palermo C.le, Messina, Catania, Florence Osmannoro, Florence Romito, Treviso and OMC Trenitalia of Foggia.

Design, supply and installation on the Minuetto multiple units (Trenitalia Regional Passenger Division) of a fire-fighting system in the passenger.

We won the public tender by presenting the offer which obtained the best technical/economic score.

The aim of the project is to provide complete fire protection to the Minuetto multiple units according to the standards and technical specifications provided by the customer.

The fire-protection system consists of a cylinder unit to protect the passenger and toilet compartment, pipes (about 20,000 m), fittings (no. 120,000) and valves (no. 120) in high quality 316 stainless steel with related slotted profiles for their fastening to the train structures.

  • Extinguishing systems (1 system for the passenger compartment and 1 system for the toilet on each train)
  • fire detection and management systems.

Technical design phase

  • Review and management of the engineering order from the start of the work up to the issue of the exhaustive documentation required by the ANSF, necessary to maintain the Authorisation for Placing in Service (AMIS)
  • construction and testing with independent verifier (VIS) of the systems on prototype trains

Operational construction phase

  • Taking charge of the train through check-in
  • disassembly of the internal vehicle panels, drilling and installation of cylinder, pipe, cable support structures and management and control devices
  • installation of pipes, valves and cable struts inside the train
  • system testing in the presence of Trenitalia
  • reinstallation of the internal panels of the train.