New Ferrari Sports Management

New Ferrari Sports Management

New Ferrari Sports Management

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The new building dedicated  to the activities of the Scuderie Ferrari, racing and competitive sport sector, was  built  in 2012 to a design by Jean Michel Wilmotte and Luigi Quaranta.

The headquarters of the Ferrari Sports Management was built in record time:  two years  to realize the  five floors (two elevated and two underground) which house the workshops, the technical and administrative offices, and the new GeS Ferrari,  the place where  the Ferrari branded  Formula 1  cars  are designed, developed  and assembled.

The plant – classifiable as NZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Building) is located adjacent to the existing one, increasing its production and engineering capacities.

Works carried out

Electrical systems

The building is equipped with a photovoltaic, solar thermal system, biodynamic lighting of the areas and an air conditioning system with high efficiency radiant panels, where the engines are built and the car parts are assembled,  in the false ceiling in the areas of the  executive offices and the open spaces for the design.

  • MV/LV cabin
  • Emergency (275 kVA generator, 100 kVA UPS)
  • Electrical panels (no. 80)
  • Electrical distribution (3,000 m. of ducts, 8,000 m. of cable ducts, 100,000 m. of cables)
  • Electrical system for the mechanics
  • Biodynamic lighting system (5800 LED units)
  • Emergency lighting system (600 LED units)
  • Fire detection system (1,100 detectors, 60 analysis chambers, 40,000 meters of cables)
  • Installations: structured cabling, TV/SAT, access control
  • Photovoltaic system (585 kWP, 2,200 panels, 11 inverters, 15,000 m of cable).

Mechanical installations

In addition to systems common to all such as the firefighting  wet and dry sprinklers, the fire detection system, the power system, the access control and  video surveillance system, the plant is equipped with a low and high pressure compressed air  system and a  system for discharging all harmful products  such as penetrating liquids and waste water from particular processes.

  • Air conditioning system (10 air treatment units)
  • Fire protection filter pressurization system
  • Hydraulic bench cooling system
  • Dry and wet sprinklers,  hydrant fire-fighting system
  • Sanitary water system
  • Low and high pressure compressed air systems
  • Heating system with heating cable for garage ramps
  • Extraction plants serving the production departments
  • Supervision and regulation system
  • Solar-thermal plant for hot water production.