ENEL E-Distribuzione in Triveneto

ENEL E-Distribuzione in Triveneto

ENEL E-Distribuzione in Triveneto

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Subject of the contracts

  • Installations and maintenance of MV and  LV overhead and underground lines, secondary substations and activities on electrical metering units, with or without voltage, call-out on faults and/or emergencies.
  • Supply and installation of three-pipe/one-pipe systems for optical fiber on the electrical infrastructure of the company E-Distribuzione SPA.
  • Installation and maintenance of electric car recharging infrastructure, preparatory activities for the design of lines and systems.
  • Works in primary HV/MV cabin. Fire extinguisher maintenance service and possible massive replacement of metering units. DTR Triveneto.

Activity description

MV-LV service

  • Activities on overhead and/or bare conductor cable lines and activities on underground cable lines
  • Maintenance of fiber optic networks on the Company’s electricity infrastructure
  • Realization of sockets with / without activation of the metering unit
  • Installation of mobile earthing devices to confirm correct identification of the line
  • Building construction,  maintenance and  demolition
  • Construction of forced ventilation system in MV / LV cabin room
  • Restoration of the waterproofing of the secondary cabin covers and installation of wind air extractors
  • Laying and recovery of low voltage concentrators c/o secondary substations and/or pole mounted transformers
  • Computerized management of the activities performed, acquired and managed by the contractor
  • Activation and deactivation of metering units powered by single sockets or installed in LV substations
  • Reconstruction of the centralized electrical panel  with landfilling of cardboard and asbestos panels for reclaiming the housing of the metering units
  • Installation and maintenance of the recharging station infrastructures for electric cars.

Primary cabins

  • Works and  interventions regarding civil and electromechanical works (including dismantling and demolition)
  • Specialist electromechanical maintenance of electrical equipment and systems
  • Ancillary services (cleaning, snow removal, maintenance of  technological systems and green areas) necessary for the maintenance of the Primary Cabins
  • Failure maintenance (availability and  failure intervention).

Ground system checks

  • Ground system inspection service in the transformation cabins and/or secondary substations and pole mounted switch-disconnectors
  • Visual inspection of the accessible ground system parts
  • Checking the continuity of the ground conductors
  • Ground resistance measurement
  • Measurement of touch and step voltages.

Construction of Fiber Optic Networks

  • Laying fiber optic cables
  • Connections of fiber optic cables
  • Installation of junction boxes, splitters, patch panel cabinets, termination boxes
  • Testing of fiber optic network systems.

Massive replacement of metering units

  1. Notification to customers of the replacement of the MU
  2. Computerized acquisition of MU readings
  3. Replacement with recovery and installation of MUs
  4. Platform MU return.

Special intervention in S. Erasmo: new MV SC Pizzo – SC Bubacco line with underwater cable laying

Following the  black out on the islands of  Burano and  Torcello, E-Distribuzione spa assigned to us the management of immediate repairs with  the construction of a new line of 1,300 meters in 10 working  days. The new connection line that supplies  the islands of Burano and Torcello with an underwater cable made it possible  to restore the electricity service  to users on the islands.

Following the Customer’s emergency call,  PSC participated in the  joint technical table with E-Distribuzione, the Mayor,  the Fire-fighting brigade and the Civil Protection, with a view to setting up communication and interface 24/24h operational points in  Venice, Limena and Marghera. Moreover, PSC  managed the emergency  by restoring the  temporary electricity service with generators.

The PSC Group coordinated the vessels (5 pontoons simultaneously and  6 support boats), arranged the  logistics of the heavy vehicles (cranes, trucks, equipped vans, generators), and collaborated with the technical underwater operators,  cabin operators and  specialized cable jointers.