La Nuvola – New Congress Centre in EUR

La Nuvola – New Congress Centre in EUR

La Nuvola – New Congress Centre in EUR

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La Nuvola represents an important work of great artistic value, conceived and developed by architect  Massimiliano Fuksas, and inserted in one of the finest neighborhoods of Rome, the EUR.

Built to become a state-of-the-art congress center with a very large capacity, among the largest in Europe, it can hold  up to 8,000 people.

La Nuvola spreads over an area of approximately 60,000 square meters, basically composed of  three levels.

  1. The Congress Halls, which are spread over 9,000 square meters of modular space, can generate 30 meeting rooms and a plenary room with 6,000 seats.
  2. The Forum, intended as a multipurpose space for an exhibition area, extends over 7,000 square meters.
  3. The Auditorium located inside the “Nuvola” can host conferences with up to 1800 seats, and adjacent to this, 3 foyers have been built for a total of 2500 square meters.

Type of work and methods

Given the special nature of the work, the vastness of the spaces and the  considerable height of the rooms, together with the elegant finishes of the Centre, PSC had to carry out the works using particular methods.

Considerable effort was made to find  plant system solutions which limited the architectural impact:  all the pathways of the air ducts and the choice of equipment were made with extreme care, as they had to be placed in an environment  where it was  essential to comply with acceptable noise threshold parameters.

In order to ensure the time for completion and  the necessary coordination with the other companies involved in the work, PSC  prefabricated a large portion of the systems  at its premises in Rome, subsequently putting into place important works of protection and conservation of the systems.

The full-air conditioning  system  involved the transport of important volumes of treated air through large ducts installed at great heights.

Order numbers

2,420 air diffusers, between traditional and high height ones/7546 square meters of radiant floor panels/11 Air Treatment Units / 7 refrigerating/heat pump units/73 groups of motor pumps/300 Variable Flow Air Handling Units.


Appreciation for the role played by  PSC was unanimous: from the executive designer of the Fuksas studio, to the Principal Condotte who  collaborated with PSC during the works, to the end customer EUR, which, pending the public tender to entrust maintenance, granted   temporary  maintenance  to PSC despite having its own internal maintenance service.