Railway sector

The railway BU is the PSC organizational unit responsible for the acquisition and management of orders for implementing technological systems (electrification/traction systems, telecommunications, signaling, safety systems) intended for the management of the railway, underground and tramway networks built and maintained by the network infrastructure operators.

The B.U. has an organizational structure capable of managing every phase of an order: from design to development and maintenance.

ORE PSC is the holder of a set of qualifications and certifications which allow it to operate fully – without any limit on the amount – in the main segments of the railway and transport systems.

Railway, underground and tramway networks

  • Traditional and innovative signaling systems
  • Transmission systems and networks on optical fiber and copper cables
  • Analogue and digital radio communication systems (including GSM-R)
  • Electricity transformation and distribution systems, electrical substations and cabins
  • Electric traction systems: traditional and rigid contact line
  • Systems for the distribution of low voltage, light and motive power
  • Safety & security  systems: video surveillance (CCTV), fire and intrusion detection
  • Public audio and video information systems: sound diffusion, variable message signs, video walls, projection systems
  • Plant supervision and monitoring systems within a transport system, including the management of emergency scenarios (integrated management of fire detection, fire prevention system, closed circuit TV, escalators, elevators, public information signs): Scada and Dote
  • Ancillary systems for transport system infrastructures: ventilation, emergency, safety & security systems in tunnels, lighting, emergency and air conditioning systems
  • Integrated systems for the safety of railway tunnels
  • Operation and Maintenance Support
  • Systems for the Integrative Automatic Protection of level crossings (PAI-PL)
  • Design and construction of tunnel fire detection systems

Railway sector fleet

The strategic choice of the PSC Group provides for a careful investment policy in machinery, vehicles and equipment based on innovation and continuous renewal.

We are very aware that this asset is essential in order to guarantee and maintain leadership in the sector.

The large fleet of machines, vehicles and equipment for rail applications, construction sites or special projects guarantees:

  • adequate degree of production capacity
  • continuous improvement of production processes
  • compliance with the most stringent quality standards and schedules requested by customers

occupational safety for the technicians and workers of the PSC Group and of our partners engaged in the realization of the infrastructure works.

Other projects