Construction of a School in Muccia

Construction of a School in Muccia

Construction of a School in Muccia

The Andrea Bocelli Foundation raised the funds to build a new building of about 1,000 square meters involving 45 companies and 170 workers and technicians.

Muccia is one of the towns most affected by the 2016 earthquake. The  new school building donated by the Andrea Bocelli Foundation  (ABF) was built according to high safety and quality standards in just  6 months  (from January 2019 to June 2019).

The new “De Amicis” school uses “Platform Frame” technology  with wooden frames, ensuring the highest available degree of  resistance  to  seismic shocks. The construction with prefabricated elements in wood with strong insulation thicknesses,  combined with underfloor heating, photovoltaic system, heat recovery air renewal units, and heat pump systems, guarantees the highest standards of  comfort and energy saving,  allowing the structure to be classified among the  Nearly Zero Energy Buildings  (NZEB).

The President of the Republic defined the project carried out in the Marche town as a “virtuous outcome of entrepreneurial and institutional joint methods and intents”.

‚ÄúThe new school is the demonstration,‚ÄĚ says  Umberto Pesce, President of the PSC Group, ‚Äúthat, when all the parties actively collaborate, works can be carried out without delay‚ÄĚ.


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