Acquisitions: plant engineering, TLC, railway sector and automation

Acquisitions: plant engineering, TLC, railway sector and automation

Acquisitions: plant engineering, TLC, railway sector and automation

In 2013, the PSC Group began the acquisition of companies and/or business branches specialized in adjacent sectors.

The growth and diversification project aimed at  improving the efficiency of services and the competitive positioning  of the Group was particularly intense in the three-year period 2013-2015.


The PSC Group  takes over the companies Aertermica SpA and It Core S.p.A. in Brescia.

  • The acquisition of  Aertermica, which has been at the forefront of the design, installation and maintenance  of technological systems for large buildings  (hospitals, shopping centers, universities, industrial and residential complexes) for over thirty years, entails strong industrial and commercial synergies with the PSC Group. Aertermica’s ability to integrate mechanical and electrical aspects into “turnkey” productions brings additional value to the PSC Group’s offer.
  • The PSC Group majority holding in  IT Core Spa, a company with 35 employees which specializes in the sector of  TLC networks, falls within these growth prospects.


PSC Ferroviaria (Railway engineering) acquires the  business unit of Gemmo S.p.A. “Divisione Sistemi Ferroviari (Railway Systems Division)”  which provides technological services in the railway sector (IT control systems, installation of electric power networks and their maintenance).


The PSC Group acquires control of  Iser Tech Spa, a company specialized in advanced technological solutions in the sectors of industrial automation, process control and hardware and software services for businesses. Equipped with an advanced research center for industrial automation and process control, Iser Tech operates in the Transport, Remote Control, Biomedical and Smart City industries.

It has designed an innovative automatic monitoring, control and protection system (called PAI-PL) for railway signaling and control, which complies with the stringent CENELEC SIL4 standards.

Umberto and Angelo Pesce –  President and Vice President of the PSC Group – commented on this latest acquisition:

“Our Group becomes a global supplier for networks and plants. Our competitive advantage is greatly strengthened in terms of efficiency of the services offered and of economies of scale for the end customer. We are convinced that being stronger and more integrated means coping with even the most unfavorable circumstances”.